We all hate the way they look. They are an eyesore that most of us try to cover up in one way of the other. Interestingly, stains can appear anywhere provided there is substance to hold onto. If you are used to seeing a plain surface, the appearance of a stain can be quite troublesome. This is especially true because they steal the beauty off items exposing the home owner as careless and clumsy. Truthfully so, dirt is the main cause of staining but the location of a stain could redeem your reputation. Even if there is daily cleaning in an area where staining occurred, the nature of the stain might not be that easy to remove. Many people, assume that the only cleaver way to remove stubborn stains it to scrub and scrub some more. Well, that is not what happens in end of tenancy cleaning London. Where do most stains appear?


Many households have these types of stains. Most of these stains occur as a result of spillage – paint, food, mud and improper cleaning. While some may be erased effectively with regular cleaning remedies, most required specialized reagents to remove them. In addition to special equipment and chemicals, a professional is the best person to handle such works such as end of tenancy cleaners. Imagine a stain that appears on a wooden floor, sips through the layers and stays put for months or even years. If this is one of the areas on your cleaning checklist as you move out, the only hope of getting your refund is to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning London experts.


These types of stains are quit common because unlike floors where you can wipe any spillages before they leave marks, this cannot be done on carpets. If you found a carpet in your rented house, your stay there has likely resulted in stains from milk, wine, soup and even dust settled over a long period of time. You could try removing the stains by yourself but only end of tenancy cleaning London professionals would know how to do it effortlessly.


Stains on walls can make an otherwise bright area of the house to look dull. Do not be offended if your visitors appear to focus on stains on the walls because they are that attractive (in a bad way, of course!). Depending on the type of paint used, regular cleaning can help to keep the walls looking fresh and new. Before you think about repainting to restore the walls appearance, how about hiring professional cleaner to do their magic?

The range of cleaning services provided by professional end of tenancy cleaning covers a wide scope and the goal is mostly restoration. Therefore, expect stains to be removed efficiently and without damage to the surface they are on.

Stains that professional end of tenancy cleaning removes

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