Fleet Wraps Promote Your Brand on the Road

Fleet wraps are a premium way to bring your brand’s messaging on the road. They make your entire fleet of cars, delivery vans, and service vehicles look professional and consistent. Fleet Wraps also deliver real-world brand impressions that convert drivers into customers. That’s an excellent return on investment for any marketing dollar, even compared to other media types.

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Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective advertising options available to businesses today. They can help businesses attract new customers by promoting their services, products, and brand identity. Fleet wraps turn company vehicles into mobile billboards that travel throughout the day and night to reach a wider audience. They also boost your company’s name recognition 15 times more than other types of advertising.

Unlike billboards and other forms of advertising, which require regular reoccurring costs, vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive to install. Additionally, they offer long-lasting and consistent branding. Your company can broadcast specific advertising messages – including seasonal promotions, special deals and limited-time services – to potential customers for weeks, months or years. Business owners can change their advertising messages as needed, maximizing the value of their marketing budgets.

Advertising on a fleet of company vehicles is one of the most long-lasting ways to market your business. These vehicles will travel down the highways and streets of your area, generating thousands of impressions on potential customers each day. With an eye-catching design, fleet wraps will stand out from other vehicles on the road and catch their attention. They’ll remember the name and logo, making it easier for them to contact your business when they need a service you offer.

A full fleet vehicle wrap will cover all of the vehicle’s parts, including the roof and hood, to ensure that no part is left unadorned. This allows for a more comprehensive design including images, text and other content. Compared to other forms of advertising, such as radio, TV and billboards, fleet wraps are cost-effective and have a high marketing ROI. They also last for years and can be easily updated as needed.

The appearance of your fleet vehicles is important because it helps customers recognize that they are part of the same business. This makes your company stand out from the competition and ensures customers will call when they need your service again. Custom fleet wraps are a great way to make the vehicles in your company look uniform and consistent. They use a large vinyl graphic printed and cut to shape, then adhere to the vehicle’s exterior with a final protective laminate coat.

This special material is designed to be strong, durable, and flexible enough to stretch over curved surfaces. It is usually two-thousandths of an inch thick, which is ideal for optimum paint protection and strong adhesion. A wrap can be applied to every painted surface and glass, or you can choose only to cover certain areas of the vehicle. Depending on your company policy and how you want your design to look, a professional wrap shop can help you choose the right amount of coverage for your needs.

With fleet wraps, you can easily change your vehicle’s look. These graphics are made with adhesive vinyl that covers the underlying paint, so they can be easily removed and replaced. The wrapping process isn’t as time-consuming as it used to be, but each car takes a few hours. The installation team takes the time to wash the car completely, then use a chemical-based rinse to remove all wax, grease or oil residue that can interfere with the vinyl’s adhesion.

This prevents the wrap from sagging and wrinkled, and allows the vinyl to stay in place when it’s being transported from one location to another. Then, the installer applies the vinyl to the car one panel at a time. It’s a clean, professional job with attention paid to every detail. It’s a great way to keep your fleet looking its best. And it’s easy to change the graphics when your business needs to do so.

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